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The art of Jörg Döring is considered as contemporary Pop Art, a genre that even today is intellectually absorbed, temporally adapted and newly transformed.

Influenced by the Pop Art boom of the 60s and 70s, Döring develops his thematic program. It is a world of film and television, of Marvel and Disney and it tells stories of great icons as Humphrey Bogart and Clint Eastwood, Romy Schneider and Marilyn Monroe as well as all idols of pop culture industry. At this Döring skillfully plays with techniques: whether multi-layered collages or oil paintings – the artist excels in all levels. That way textile feel and sensuality play leading roles in creating surfaces, which culminates in shiny epoxy resin as finishing layer.

Döring’s multiple varying artworks are striking and profound at the same time. Beauty is scattered in many layers and fragments. The created compositions enhances the effect of a conceptual continuation: common beauty is counteracted and refers to a mass media orientated, delusional society of consumers.

Jörg Döring - Kunstwerke

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