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Thomas Baumgärtel

Banana sprayer, performance artist, classic studio painter: Thomas Baumgärtel ranks amongst the most versatile artists in Germany. And thanks to his sensational performances and artworks with straightforward messages to the most discussed artists in German feuilletons as well. From the beginning of his career Thomas Baumgärtel has taken a stand, shown attitude and fought for the freedom of art. His spray painted banana is world-famous since four decades and by now became an international seal of approval and quality for art galleries and museums. Within his ongoing cycle of “Metamophoses of the spray painted banana” the yellow fruit changes into constantly new forms and shapes.

Thomas Baumgärtel lives and works in Cologne. He is founder of the studio community “CAP Cologne e.V.” and has worked together with many renowned artists such as Harald Klemm and M.S. Bastian. His artworks are shown in numerous private and public collections, among them Kunstsammlung NRW in Düsseldorf and Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren to name a few.

Thomas Baumgärtel - Kunstwerke

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