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Peintre X

Striking, bold and impressively different: the portraits of the Munich-based artist Peintre X deliberately dissociate from the aestheticizing canon and – with rough brushwork, sharp contours and extremely extensive orientation - emphasise on eye catchers. His faces are a construct of the imagination of humanity, testimony of self-reflection and self-alienation; but exactly this radical presentation gives access to the oeuvre of Peintre X. His paintings show a whole new kind of grace and beauty with their pastel-like effects, fascinating facial expressions and longing looks. Additionally there are figurative and typographic neon lights or distorted text lines with references to Marina Abramovic and Damien Hirst, by which Peintre X expresses his admiration and criticism of the art market at the same time. With this ambiguity and irony Peintre X acts in the spirit of Pop Art, even though he employs many elements of impressionism, expressionism and object art.

Peintre X lives and works in Munich. His artworks have already been exhibited in Basel and Hongkong, furthermore he was represented at art fairs such as art.fair, ARTMUC and Stroke Art Fair.

Peintre X - Kunstwerke

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